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About Niceballs

Niceballs is a hanging prosthetic accessory that can be stuck to your work desk in a simple, discrete and efficient way. It’s an invention that can make the dream shared by millions of people for centuries come true: be productive while you play with your balls. In September, we presented the prototype of Niceballs to the world. In just a matter of days, the idea aroused interest among the media from all over the world. We got more than 10,000 pre-reservations in We received emails in more than 30 different languages. Everybody wanted their pair of Niceballs! So much so that we have decided to start making them in the next few months. Would you like to help us make Niceballs a squeezable reality?

This gentleman worked in Gravity. But now he is working on your Niceballs.

The young man that you can see in the video below is called Raúl Rodríguez Romeo. And yes, he is one of the special effects engineers behind “Gravity” (here you have his IMDB record). For a trick of fate, it was he who helped us come up with the first prototypes. And of course, now he is in charge of supervising all the details related with the production of the new (and highly improved) Niceballs. But the best thing is that he tells you all about it himself.

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