A good chocolate binge is one of the best ways to boost your endorphin levels and well-being. But seeing as we (still) don’t know how to make chocolate, we have come up with Niceballs 70% DARK: a special edition with a cocoa vanilla aroma that is specifically designed to relax you. Touch and smell, united for the first time in the Niceballs universe to give you the ultimate sensorial experience.

NiceBalls 70% DARK

€19.90 Regular Price
€15.00Sale Price


    - Dark brown color

    - Cocoa vanilla smell

    - Hypoallergenic PVC

    - 2x Soft foam balls




    - 15,5 x 24,5 x 8,5 cm


    - NiceBalls 70% DARK Edition Cover

    - High density corrugated cardboard

    - Ecological white serigraphy